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We offer a range of plans to fit your needs, starting with our complimentary free tier.

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$ 0 /mo
  • 100 Test Runs Monthly
  • 1 Team Member
  • 3 month result retention


  • 10,000 Test Runs Monthly
  • 5 Team Members
  • 6 month result retention


$ 199 179 /mo
Save Keyhole Bettie 4 Sandal Page Strap Ankle $240/yr over monthly
  • 40,000 Test Runs Monthly
  • Bettie Sandal Page Keyhole Strap 4 Ankle 20 Team Members
  • Strap 4 Bettie Page Ankle Keyhole Sandal 6 month result retention
  • Everything included with our Free tier, plus:
  • Google Chrome
  • Larger screen sizes
  • Multiple screenshots
  • Advanced scheduling


$ 399 359 /mo
Save 4 Strap Bettie Ankle Keyhole Sandal Page $480/yr over monthly
  • 100,000 Test Runs Monthly
  • 40 Team Members
  • 6 month result retention
  • Everything included with our Free tier, plus:
  • Google Chrome
  • Larger screen sizes
  • Multiple screenshots
  • Advanced scheduling

Enterprise Organization or High Volume?

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Need extra team members, more test runs, longer retention, a service-level agreement or priority support?
We have larger plans available or we can create a custom plan to fit your requirements.

Contact us about your needs!

Learn More About Ghost Inspector Pricing

What is included with my subscription?

All accounts have access to Ghost Inspector's browsers for running tests, final screenshot capture with comparison, video playback and API access. Paid plans include additional features such as multiple screenshots (available as a step action), advanced scheduling and larger screen sizes.

What counts as a test run?

A test run is a single execution of any test, whether triggered manually, via scheduling or through our API. A browser is launched, the steps are carried out, then the browser is shutdown and a result is generated. Test runs have a maximum time limit of 10 minutes. Examples:

  • A single test is run. This counts as 1 test run.
  • A suite containing 10 tests is run. This counts as 10 test runs.
  • A test is scheduled to run hourly. This counts as 24 test runs per day.
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What does "X month result retention" mean?

All of your suites and test cases are stored indefinitely with our service. They are not removed unless you explicitly delete them. However, results (which are generated each time a suite or test is run) are subject to a retention period. We do not store results indefinitely because it leads to excessive storage costs. We've found that users rarely access old results beyond a couple of days — let alone a couple of months. Results are purged from our system when they exceed your plan's retention period. Note that results can be exported via our API at any time prior for more permanent storage.

What currency is used for the prices above?

All of our prices are in USD.

What happens if I go over my test run limit?

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If you exceed your test run allotment by a significant margin we will reach out and kindly ask you to upgrade your account. Alternately, accumulated overages can be charged on your next scheduled payment date.

  • Small Plan: $10.00 per 1,000 test runs
  • Medium Plan: $8.00 per 1,000 test runs
  • Large Plan: $6.00 per 1,000 test runs

Do you accept other forms of payment?

Yep! Payments can be made via check or wire transfer when prepaying for 12 months of service in advance. Teak Teak Clog Stegmann Womens Polyflex Woolfelt 0nqx0wBZC1 for more info.

Is my credit card information secure?

Absolutely. All credit card information is transferred securely over SSL to our PCI-certified payments provider and is not stored in our servers or databases.

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